Firstex Industries About Us
“Our relationships and international business strategy allow us and our customers the ability to maximize profits and quality with ease.”
Firstex Industries

Firstex Industries is a manufacturing service provider registered with ISO9001:2015. We have mature manufacturing resources located globally providing castings, forgings, plastic injection, rubber molding, sheet metal stamping, CNC machining, and fabrication. Many of our facilities have supplied products to Firstex Industries for over 15 years.

Our staff is located on site in Dallas Texas with 10,000 square feet of office and warehouse space as well as globally to insure our product is built to the customer specifications, meeting the highest level of quality.

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The Firstex Story

Firstex industries was founded in 1987 under the basic premise of providing domestic customers an outlet to engage in business with global manufactures. We work with manufactures to insure that product being built is made using the highest standards in the manufacturing process. Our staff is located onsite and in the Pacific Rim including China, Taiwan and South Korea. Our domestic staff, which includes a fully furnished quality lab as well as an in house logistics department, work with factories from the early stages of tool design and first article’s to delivery of production product.